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photo: Elias Touil

Looking back at the Maple Spring

As the snow stubbornly clings to grey sidewalks, it is easy to forget that just two years ago the Maple Spring was in full force. Tenir tête and Les femmes changent la lutte offer two very different versions of the student strike.

To Vote or Not to Vote: A Young Person’s Question

I set out recently to talk to young people my age in order to answer a question that rolls around every four years or so:  Are the youth interested in the upcoming election this time? Will we see a hike in participation from the 18-35 demographic in light of the past year’s student protests? Or, are the young still consistently, and increasingly, apathetic — will the pattern of decline continue? And what does this mean for the future of our province when a notable percentage of the population leave their voices unheard?