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Every suit for himself

Pommerat’s perfectly timely play remains an entertaining and well-honed critique of the humanity that is undermined by the increasingly marketized social relations of our era. In the place of honesty and authenticity in interactions, it says, capitalist self-interest and instrumentalism has triumphed – triumphed, principally, in making cynics of us all.

Sascha Funke and wife Julienne Dessagne are Saschienne. Photo by Miguel Legault

MUTEK, from Montreal to the world

MUTEK’s 14th edition was opened in high style at the SAT with a tribute to the 20th anniversary of iconic German record label Kompakt, featuring powerhouse performances by some of the label’s – and of electronic and techno music’s – most foundational and influential figures.

Southern Hospitality

Mexico’s celebrated Guadalajara International Film Festival, whose 28th edition wrapped up on Saturday, has announced a special showcase in next year’s festival dedicated exclusively to Québécois cinema.

Art Inc, Toronto Style

With Robert Lepage, Rufus Wainwright and Philip Glass in the spotlight, Toronto’s Luminato certainly didn’t lack big names. Add Pilon Lemieux 4D Art into the mix, and the multidisciplinary artfest roster was top-heavy with Montreal’s brightest international lights. But make no mistake: it was no Montreal festival.