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Fifty trees of Montreal

April is the cruelest month. Except for the trees. They cycle through life and death as if it were a roller coaster. Any minute now they’ll be racing past on their way to the lushest part of the year.

Montreal Street

Sleight of hand

Like the central character in these stories, Mireille Silcoff had to lie in bed with her head lower than her chest, trying to keep her brain from colliding with her skull.

In Sweet Affliction, Moving Day is mandatory in a dystopic Montreal

Montreal flipped on its tête

Anna Leventhal’s Sweet Affliction has Montreal flipped on its tête – one in which Moving Day is mandatory and sanctioned by the province, one in which Hasidic Jews interact socially with their non-Orthodox neighbours, and one in which the Hippodrome is the set of a twisted reality show where illegal immigrants vie for citizenship.

Photo care of Véhicule Press

New tab, old story

Flitting from parties to jobs they dislike and on to potential art happenings, New Tab’s 20-something Montreal creative class ends up with more beer than poetry.


Mot/town: Deanna Smith

It was a cold November day when Elise Moser and I met Deanna Smith in the park off St Laurent in Little Italy, around the corner from her place. But we froze our little mitts off so went to Marché Milano and pretended to buy pasta for an hour. Actually, we didn’t have to pretend.

Scouting in October 1970

Although I have long been aware of the popular Paul series by Michel Rabagliati, Paul Joins the Scouts is my first reading experience. Graphic novels are not the first things I reach for, but I was interested in exploring the genre. The series, which Rabagliati began in his thirties, is semi-autobiographical. In his own biography the author explains that he has been a life-long fan of comics and began to create his own after working many years as a graphic designer.


Christmas ostentatoire

This won’t work without a confession: Growing up, I was proud to be Muslim for so many reasons. People seemed to be converting to Islam every day. The fact that most of the conversions took place in prison, and that Mike Tyson became Malik Tayson after biting another human’s ear off of his head, were just details. But boy, did I ever pray for Santa Clause to convert to Islam. I mean he already had the beard. Miracles do happen Inshallah.


Mot/town: David Homel

The sun sliced low above the street, on over to the brick wall of his building. David Homel read us a passage from Midway. A dog barked and everyone else had somewhere to go.