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A Beethoven Marathon

Canada’s young Afiara string quartet kicked off a six-concert Beethoven marathon last night with plenty of enthusiasm. It’ll be the first time in over a decade…

Unlocking Lock

After a four-year wait since Édouard Lock’s last creation, hyped-up Montreal dancegoers streamed into Salle Wilfrid Pelletier on Thursday night for the North American premiere of…

Summing up the Subcontinent

The wave of empires, religions, languages and cuisine that makes India such a rich, exotic and fascinating country also results in divides and migrations, such as the 1947 Pakistan-India partition and the disputed Kashmir border. Kasmiri poet and playwright Aziz Hajini, and poet Koyamparambath Satchidanandan from Kerala, described the long time over which they needed to absorb and reflect on 2002 state-sponsored genocide by Hindu Extremists on Muslims in Gujarat before they could write about it. They produced some extremely distressing poem

Cannonball Muse

Louise Lecavalier’s ropy musculature, punk androgyny and ballistic barrel rolls defined Édouard Lock’s choreographic signature for nearly two decades. Now, 12 years after retiring as the…

My Funny Valentine

Il suffit de voir le succès de tous les livres d’épanouissement personnel, de spiritualité et de pensée magique comme Le secret, Le Manuel inédit de la…

Tiny Bubbles

Even in Montreal, it is rare to see a concept so utterly novel – and so deeply explored – as the musical degustations of the Minuscule project.