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All dressed up

NEIGHBOURHOOD. When we walk along the street it is impossible to know who is Catholic, who practices yoga regularly, who speaks Spanish, who listens to heavy metal, or who’s thinking about becoming vegetarian.

Soviet Cinema’s Neglected Poet

Hundreds of sheep flock around a dead monk. Blood – or is it bright right red pomegranate juice? – oozes onto a cloth. Three aging men dressed in officers’ uniforms slowly remove their boots and shuffle around a nearly empty room. Sergei Parajanov’s films are full of visual puzzles like these.

Porn Again

A strange rush of emotions are guaranteed to run through you as you watch Inside Lara Roxx, the documentary feature by Montreal filmmaker Mia Donovan. It…


Death wish

“Who are you?”
“I am Death.”
“Have you come to fetch me?”
“I have long walked by your side.”
“Wait a moment.”
“You all say that.”

Queer as Film

I just completed a book all about the groundbreaking 1977 gay and lesbian documentary film, Word Is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives. The film…

There Was and There Was Not

In a city where French, English and Yiddish language theatre draws huge crowds year-round, Montreal’s cultural scene is now home to a burgeoning, young, Arab theatre troupe paving the way for performances in their own language.


Travelling light

As for the money, the doctor has no intention of returning it. But such is life. A stray dog sniffs at the coffin and the father, grateful for its attention, decides to keep it.