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Into the Blue

The 2015 Blue Met Literary Festival will feature over 100 writers, including Junot Díaz, Nancy Huston, Russell Banks, Hector Tobar, and Marie Howe.


Women and trauma

The graphic approach or “show not tell.” What is the most appropriate way of writing about trauma? Elise Moser, Ann Charney and Koethi Zan reflect.

Jerusalem's Dung Gate between 1940 to 1946

A Jerusalem childhood

Issa Boullata presents a loving portrait of his childhood in the Old City of Jerusalem during the 1930s and 1940s, during the latter days of the British mandate in Palestine.

Barack Obama, Enrique Peña Nieto and Stephen Harper: the three not-so-much amigos?

NAFTA’s cultural legacy

Is NAFTA bringing us culturally closer to Latin America? Closer to Walmart, yes, but as Spanish departments get decimated, the prognosis on cultural life is not so good according to Blue Met’s panellists.

Almost Lost

Incredible as it may seem today, Yiddish was once the third most widely spoken language in Montreal, after French and English. For several decades in the first half of the twentieth century, tens of thousands of Central and Eastern European Jews formed the city’s largest immigrant group. As immigration patterns changed in the post-war years, Italian became the city’s third language, succeeded more recently by Spanish and Arabic.


Make art, not war

Meet Etgar Keret, Israel’s rock-star writer and prize-winning filmmaker with the undeniable Holocaust pedigree, who smacks our mortal cards on the table with his wild-haired stories and emo-essays that are perfect for the wee-attention span of the Internet age.

Blue Notes

A literary long weekend with ninety-one events means there will be many possible festivals, depending on your choices. My best experiences at the 14th edition of Blue Metropolis happened along side-roads.