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Satisfying endings

If this sounds harsh, though, I only mean it to be in order to show how these stories eventually proved me wrong. Deeth’s endings are surprisingly satisfying.

The Real Haiti

Fred Voodoo is not a real person. He has never existed. This made-up name is the shorthand used informally by some foreign correspondents to refer to the man (or woman) in the street in Haiti, often in a condescending tone.

Girls gone wild

The Black Roses is a girl gang. The members ply their trades – ATM scams, car theft, drug sales – on Vancouver’s gritty Downtown Eastside (with a little high-end shoplifting downtown thrown in). Mac and Mercy were working for the Vipers, but when Mercy gets beat up while hooking on the corner, they decide to go out on their own.

Queer as Film

I just completed a book all about the groundbreaking 1977 gay and lesbian documentary film, Word Is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives. The film…