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Knowing when to stop

For most of my life I have hated Christmas. My father was often laid off just before the holidays and there wasn’t much money for presents. It didn’t stop me from wanting things. And I always wanted things.


Peaceful soldier

Limbo offers an unusually frank and unromantic view of life in contemporary Italy and a new perspective of the ongoing military engagement in Afghanistan.

Montreal Street

Sleight of hand

Like the central character in these stories, Mireille Silcoff had to lie in bed with her head lower than her chest, trying to keep her brain from colliding with her skull.

fool head 3

Not wholly innocent

Reviewer John Delacourt spots characters “condemned to the margins” in Marianne Ackerman’s new short fiction. Here’s his review published in the Ottawa Review of Books.

Caroline Silhol, Sandrine Kiberlain and Sabine Azema compete for their place in the Life of Riley

Yorkshire, Mon Amour

Life of Riley, the final film by the late great Alain Resnais, has just been released on DVD. If it disappoints, it does at least remind us of former glories.