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Great nostalgia trip

Summer of Love at the Village Theatre in Hudson takes up where its 2012 Back in 59 left off. Aficionados of 60s pop will love this show – as did many in the audience who could be heard singing along. The talented gang of four singers, backed by four exuberant musicians, let it all hang out with energy and costume changes that evoke the feel of twice that number.


City dwellers in many parts of Canada spend leisure time “in the country.” Others live there and keep a pied-à-terre in the city. In this collection, set in the Eastern Townships, Steve Luxton shares his “pleasure to be/ again in the vision of birds.” However, this pleasure is shared. The poet, too, has vision and sees details of the landscape, both outer and inner, such as Luxton’s I-persona in “The Fisherman” who questions what he is “looking for.”


Great Dames

Music: BETTYE LAVETTE AND WANDA JACKSON. Bettye Lavette owned the stage in silver lamé stilettos. Ninety minutes later, Wanda Jackson shuffled to the mic in comfortable shoes the size of an old Buick. With over 110 years of music between them, they stormed the Metropolis last night with chops that could lead armies to battle.

All hail the Hall

Last night was the opening show of the fourth annual Montréal Complètement Cirque Festival and the inaugural performance of the cabaret Music-Hall de la Baronne by Cirque Éloize, which is also celebrating its 20th anniversary. And what better venue for this than the Olympia theatre.