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Oh Horrors!

With five critically acclaimed novels, including Lost Girls and The Killing Circle to his credit, Andrew Pyper takes on the devil with his newest blockbuster The Demonologist. Mixing a touch of Dan Brown with a lot of Dean Koontz in this first-person narrative, the author tells the tale of a man struggling with his personal demons.

The Rover roadmap to Jazz Fest 2013

From June 28 to July 7, Montreal hosts the 34th edition of the Montreal International Jazz Festival, featuring close to 500 concerts, most of which are free. With the largest jazz festival on the planet on our doorstep, Montrealers are asking themselves the annual questions: What to see? How to choose? How to cram the most music into ten days?


Odessa World Premiere

It is not often that Montrealers see a world premiere, let alone of a musical. The current Yiddish production of Tales of Odessa at the Segal Centre does have its English and French surtitles and a written English synopsis to guide the audience through the plot intricacies. However, the attraction here is not following every minor comment, but being swept along by the evocative music and immersed in the total atmosphere.

5 Songs: en français

Ok, so how many of us rush to switch radio stations when a French song comes on the radio? A lot of us, I know, as if you’d go deaf if you hear a word sung in French, such an urgency gotta rush and turn that dial.

Joies et découvertes aux Francofolies

Près de un million de québécois visitent les Francofolies chaque année, profitant ainsi des plus de 250 spectacles dont 180 sont gratuits. Un bel éventail d’artistes représentant toute la diversité musicale. Le Rover a eu le privilège d’assister à quelques spectacles et on vous partage içi ces découvertes, ces expériences et quelques instants de magie.

Brothers in Crime: The Making of a Crime Fighting Hero

“In what business,” Sir Nigel Hawthorn asks, “do you not have to drive your chickens to the market?” All products, is the answer, to all markets. Books present a particular challenge. Everyone is baffled. There’s no end of product. The public hungers for more books across a growing variety of platforms. But where’s the market? Who sells what, how and to whom? And where?

La vie nocturne des Francofolies

Conçus pour permettre aux employés du Festival de s’amuser et d’échanger à la fin de leur journée, les partys du Shag – officiellement les “Partys du Shag Molson Dry” – sont ouverts à tous. Le Savoy du Métropolis où se tient l’évènement est un bar situé à l’étage de ce dernier, dont on y accède par la rue St-Dominique.

Une soirée magique qui se prépare

Dans la salle de répétition, des regards sont échangés rapidement, les sourires sont furtifs. Tout le monde s’active et personne ne se pose. Alors que des représentants des médias s’installent devant lui, la fébrilité ambiante gagne le principal intéressé : Roch Voisine se prépare pour le spectacle de clôture des Francofolies.

Lock Your Doors, Orlando

Following the real-life criminal exploits of a group of materialistic teenagers in the sunny hills of Los Angeles, Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring continues the director’s exploration of decadence and liminality, offering a voyeur’s gaze into the lives of the fame obsessed. Alluring and titillating, it is also a poignant social critique.

The Sopranos’ French Canadian connection

In 2007, I had the honour of interviewing Quebec actor Philippe Bergeron about his appearance on the hit show The Sopranos. He spoke about what it was like to work with James Gandolfini, the brilliant actor who died yesterday at age 51. What follows is the article I wrote about Bergeron’s experiences working on the show.