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Photo: Emily Cooper

The dying and the light

A lighting designer steps out from behind the controls to tell a devastating tale of life, death and filial love in Israel in How to Disappear Completely.

A detail from AcidHawk's poster for Trout Stanley

Spring fever breaks on the boards

The recent Quebec Drama Federation event saw a wealth of anglo theatre companies setting out their stalls for the spring season. We select a few examples of what’s on offer.

Eloi ArchamBaudoin & Davide Chiazzese in Hosanna (left) and a detail from Theatre Esperance's poster for The Dumb Waiter (right)

One show, two guvnors

This week sees both Tremblay’s Hosanna and Pinter’s The Dumb Waiter coming to Mainline Theatre. We look back at other shining examples of the two-man play.

Emio Greco and Pieter C Scholten in ROCCO

Put up your dukes

Borrowing heavily from a classic Italian neo-realist film, ICKamasterdam bring contemporary dance into the boxing ring.


#ListMTL March 2015

Keaton is Birdman, Montreal is Charlie, and we are all… under surveillance? Your guide to Montreal culture is back and better than ever.


Like a wired bird

Sparks fly as a manic free-spirit meets a jaded middle-class couple in Centaur’s production of The Goodnight Bird.

gazette building 1

Wither the Gazoo?

As The Gazette loses more blood, Matthew Hays pays tribute to two departing heavy hitters and asks what’s next for Montreal’s English-language daily.