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5 Songs: Prince

As I reflect on 2013, I cannot help but yearn for the past. The good old days. It was a simpler time, a time when we smoked in hospitals and planes, when pulling out was the only mode of protection in sex, when drinking and driving were the norm. A time when we didn’t childproof our homes or put the kids in car seats. A time when allergies and hypersensitivity did not exist. Those were the good old days for realz.

Who’s hustling who

Running strong off the success of both The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook, David O. Russell delivers another knock out success with American Hustle — loosely based on the notorious ABSCAM operation of the 1970s.

Out of the Furnace, Into the Mire

As we approach Christmas, the big Oscar contenders are beginning to trickle out. With all the buzz that surrounded Cooper’s last film, Crazy Heart, it’s obvious that Out of the Furnace was meant to be a tour de force follow up, garnering accolades and prestige. Unfortunely, despite stellar performances and skillful direction, a woefully broken screenplay leads to the film’s ultimate demise.

The golden ticket

Alexander Payne’s new film Nebraska is what American art-house cinema would look like if it was directed by Frank Capra. It is a perfect blend of aesthetic refinement and classic Hollywood sentiment which elevates its rural setting while grounding its characters with heart.

Satisfying endings

If this sounds harsh, though, I only mean it to be in order to show how these stories eventually proved me wrong. Deeth’s endings are surprisingly satisfying.

No! means go

This was simply the most exciting work I have seen in years. With extreme vulnerability, Jacqueline Van de Gear hurtles herself upon Nicolas Patry without defenses and without limits. He ignores her then succumbs, and finally is destroyed by her impossible and uncompromising love.


Mot/town: Deanna Smith

It was a cold November day when Elise Moser and I met Deanna Smith in the park off St Laurent in Little Italy, around the corner from her place. But we froze our little mitts off so went to Marché Milano and pretended to buy pasta for an hour. Actually, we didn’t have to pretend.