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#ListMTL for May 2015

MUTEK is back to the MAC, Triplex Nervosa goes overtime, a new circus comes to town, and Dickinson can dance! This is Rover’s #ListMTL for May 2015.

Neil Smith Author Photo

A Town for Boo

Rover’s Elise Moser spoke with avowed atheist Neil Smith about his new novel, Boo, which is set in a heaven reserved for 13 year olds.


Homage to Nicaragua

The triumph of the Sandinista revolution in 1979, which came as a magnificent surprise to many, was the focus of a round-table discussion at Blue Met.


The Wild West Bank

Rover’s Blue Met coverage continues with Eric Hamovitch on Assaf Gavron and the West Bank community that inspired his novel The Hilltop.


Momus moment

For an informed look at Papier 15, Montreal’s ultra-popular paperworks art fair (April 24-26), Rover recommends following Sky Goodden’s guided tour this Friday at 1 p.m. Founder and editor of, an ambitious new art crit web magazine, Goodden is art’s best news in years. 


A Dignified Whodunit

Who are the cons and who are the conned? Michael Blair’s mystery novel asks some philosophical questions about the nature of belief.


Fifty trees of Montreal

April is the cruelest month. Except for the trees. They cycle through life and death as if it were a roller coaster. Any minute now they’ll be racing past on their way to the lushest part of the year.


#ListMTL April 2015

Blue Met is back with a bang, springtime goes digital, the rising stars of MTL dance, and much more in Rover’s cultural events newsletter for April 2015.


Into the Blue

The 2015 Blue Met Literary Festival will feature over 100 writers, including Junot Díaz, Nancy Huston, Russell Banks, Hector Tobar, and Marie Howe.