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Fine cuisine

Some actors carry an entire movie on their shoulders. Irrfan Khan carries The Lunchbox on his face. His beautiful, supple, gentle, forlorn, intelligent, bereft face.

1963 film The Great Escape, courtesy of United Artists

Down the rabbit hole

Michael Paryla was found locked in his own apartment comatose from a mixture of milk, whiskey and sleeping pills. Now his distant cousin, Montreal-born Andrew Steinmetz, is trying to reconstruct his life.


It’s reigning men

There was so much testosterone on stage that my companion and I had to take out our programmes and fan ourselves. The cast was outstanding. Paul Flicker may be a first time director but he is not a first time caster.


Out of joint

Ever since rumours of a Hollywood remake of South Korean classic Oldboy surfaced – at one point mind-bogglingly involving the names Steven Spielberg and Will Smith – fans of the ferociously inventive thriller have reacted like its anti-hero Dae-Su on hearing his worst fears come true.


Guns and roses

Upon entering the Salle Alfred-Pellan at the Maison des Arts de Laval, a large mural of sutured concrete covered in swirling groups meets the viewer’s gaze. Details emerge such as drawn rifles and small tanks.