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Forever Young

Contrary to the codes of cliché, there’s more to men at midlife than Ferraris and pharmaceuticals. In his fifth book, the excellent short story collection The…

Joke, No Joke

During the recently concluded 2nd edition of Zoofest, there was one show so overwhelmingly perplexing that instead of laughing about the jokes told on-stage, audience members…

If It Only Had A Heart

Ok, Hollywood, you have truly conquered us: you have already captured the surreal with “time-slicing” and “bullet-time” (The Matrix); you have rendered epic fantasy mercilessly to…


To love an imperfect poem

There is a reason the French use the term petite mort when describing an orgasm. To achieve the ultimate pleasure one must engage in total abandon and self-sacrifice. With a little more risk-taking, commitment and skill, Lotayef may yet write a great poem. Until then, I confess I cannot be faithful.