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The poetry of the banal

Peggy Faye’s exhibition, Photographies, is as simple in aim as in title: to return a sense of poetry to the everyday. It is the fine art of photography distilled down to its essence, and Faye’s work succeeds in reminding us of everything that is most powerful in the medium.

Ben Allan’s Complaint

David Homel’s previous novels have been praised for their passionate intelligence and insightful descriptions of the human condition. Books like the award-winning The Speaking Cure and…

Pop Goes the World

Putumayo World Music and Buena Vista Social Club is blasting into the pristine white space of Gallerie Pangée in Old Montreal. Hip, well-heeled art aficionados drink…

Full Circle

The Halo series published by corporate giant Microsoft is one of the most successful franchises in entertainment history. Case in point, Halo: Reach, made over $200…