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Looking Ahead at Politics and Art

2017. Solid round numbers ending in a lucky seven, the words have a strong ring. Hearing them I see blue and silver. Already, the US presidential campaign, which left many of us feeling black and blue, has produced a silvery consequence.

anne marie macdonald & adult onset

Out of the past

The last part of a trilogy that began with the epic Fall On Your Knees, Ann-Marie Macdonald’s latest novel, Adult Onset, offers an intimate portrait of a troubled past.


Clinging to the Rock

In Michael Crummey’s novel Sweetland, the crusty hero clings to the old Rock with an irrational tenacity. Sweetland is populated with vivid, distinctly drawn characters: Queenie Coffin, a chain-smoking agoraphobic who sits by the window of her house reading romance novels, the wild Priddle brothers, Irish twins who make piles of money in Fort Mac and then come home to drink it all away and the aptly named Loveless and his unfortunate cow.

Vancouver's Strapless Comedy at the Montreal Fringe

Notes from the Fringe

Rover theatre critic Anna Fuerstenberg gives her rundown of Montreal Fringe 2014 so far. Some highs: Blood Wild, High Tea, Strapless Comedy, Sense Gentle and Shakespeare Crackpot.

No Greater Love

This Friday, I traipsed through the rainy streets of Montreal over to Cinema du Parc to catch the first part of Masaki Kobayashi’s nine-and-a-half hour epic…