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Photo courtesy of Disney

A roar of a show!

The Lion King has now surpassed The Phantom of the Opera to become the highest grossing Broadway musical in history, having been seen by some 45 million people in 12 countries.

Raquel Duffy and Diego Matamoros in Soulpepper's Tartuffe

TO does Tartuffe

Soulpepper Repertory Theatre’s brilliant rendition of Molière’s Tartuffe should not be missed by any Montreal theatre enthusiasts travelling to Toronto.

Glory Dazed

Glory Dazed bedazzles

The Sud-Ouest’s Waterworks Company presents the North American premiere of Cat Jones’ Glory Dazed, a play that probes why army veterans are over-represented in prisons.

Five years after winning the Frankie for best play, Nutter has teamed up with her brother for a riposte.

Rewriting family

Anyone who has had a contentious upbringing will find terrific solace and wonderment in My Playwright Sister’s dramatic and gut-wrenching exegesis on family.