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Fat chance

According to Steve Larkin, the secret to his success is oxygen. Plenty of it – rushing around other people’s blood. His theory goes like this: If you want people to enjoy themselves they need oxygen. That means opening their mouths a lot, laughing, singing along, moving a bit if you like. At one of his gigs in Winnipeg this summer there was someone dancing naked in the audience by the end of it -“thats probably a bit too much oxygen” he admits.

Blokes du pays

“Those who ignores the lessons of the pasta are doomed to repeat it.” This Saturday, satirical musical duo Bowser and Blue celebrate three-and-a-half decades of laughing at life in la belle province. Featuring special guest David Pryde, their Anniversary Special Concert this Saturday, September 21 at Théâtre Symposia will revisit highlights from their long career. They’ll also present a host of new songs, many of whose focus is Quebec’s new climate. Will there be a song about the charter this Saturday? What, ya think?

Bubby is funny

Veteran Just for Laughs comics Mike Ward and Deanne Smith travel to the depths of Cote-St-Luc to sit down for an intimate “Evening” with my Bubby Sophie. She jokes, she sings, she tries to force feed them a variety of different foods. Learn why kosher chickens are better than non-kosher chickens.