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Worth the journey

The story is very simple and direct and the writing is clear and delightful, but the big bonus is getting to see Clare Coulter strut her stuff in a role that fits like a glove.


It’s reigning men

There was so much testosterone on stage that my companion and I had to take out our programmes and fan ourselves. The cast was outstanding. Paul Flicker may be a first time director but he is not a first time caster.

oren safdie smaller

Family matters

Oren Safdie, 22 years a playwright, is enjoying a successful run of his first script to be produced in Montreal, his hometown. I spoke with the writer just before he attended a performance at the Bain St. Michel.


Burning dance

Geneviève Metson plays with phosphorus in the lab and has learnt its story. She will tell it at Place Bonaventure on Saturday with an interactive dance performance.


From dirt to seed to life

In a gripping two hours, The Walnut Tree relates in a mix of dream sequences and starkly realistic confrontations, yet another story of the few survivors of the nightmares that swept Europe in the mid 20th century.


Absurdly good

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”George Bernard Shaw. I do not know if Eugene Ionesco, the Romanian-French “Theatre of the Absurd” playwright knew of this quip when he wrote The Bald Soprano, his first play in 1950, the year of Shaw’s absurd death at 94 while climbing a tree.


It’s all Greek to me

The ancient Greeks said it all. Not only in philosophy, but in theatre. Some 500 to 400 years BCE, the Greek dramatists Fab Four — Aeschylus, Aristophanes (my favorite), Euripides and Sophocles — ruled the roost with deep observations that traverse the centuries, unmatched by anyone until Shakespeare.


Life-like in extremis

THEATRE: UNSEAMLY BY OREN SAFDI. She’s young and beautiful. Her skirt is terribly short but otherwise there’s nothing about Malina (as played by Arlen Aguayo Stewart) to suggest she’s a scheming seductress bent on destroying her ex-lover, a charismatic corporate genius.