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Mole Song - Edited

Miike strikes again

Psychedelic and Absurdist, The Mole Song takes the classic gangster film and turns it on its head, showing again why Takashi Miike is one of the world’s greatest directors.

Landmark 1992 queer doc Forbidden Love is being re-released by the NFB

Love resurrection

Filmmakers Lynne Fernie and Aerlyn Weissman discuss the re-­release of their landmark 1992 documentary, Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives.

Godzilla is back and in San Francisco. Will he destroy the world, or save it from the MUTOs?

Godzilla to the rescue?

Ever since Honda’s 1954 original, Godzilla has teetered between hero and villain roles. In Edwards’ new take, Godzilla takes on new arch-nemeses: Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms.


Fine cuisine

Some actors carry an entire movie on their shoulders. Irrfan Khan carries The Lunchbox on his face. His beautiful, supple, gentle, forlorn, intelligent, bereft face.


Out of joint

Ever since rumours of a Hollywood remake of South Korean classic Oldboy surfaced – at one point mind-bogglingly involving the names Steven Spielberg and Will Smith – fans of the ferociously inventive thriller have reacted like its anti-hero Dae-Su on hearing his worst fears come true.


Dionysian melancholia

FILM: THE GREAT BEAUTY. From the moment that actor Toni Servillo enters the stage with a dastardly grin you know that Paolo Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty will be a wild and wonderful ride.


Divine memories

FILM: I AM DIVINE. And there he was: Divine was wearing sweat pants, and hadn’t shaved (no photos, I was told). But he was full of vigour, fantastic anecdotes and ready to talk to me just as if I was Barbara Walters.


Darkness abides

FILM: DARK LULLABIES. It is a search for answers as to how many German officers and administrators could contribute to the horrors of their jobs, while at home they were often pleasant, cultured family men with kind hearts.

Celtic tigers

Life’s A Breeze opened the 2014 season of my favourite film festival, Cinegael. Now in its 22nd year, it has shown a wonderful array of Irish related films…