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A series of interviews with young Montreal writers.


Making sense of nonsense

Born in Pennsylvania, Michael Nardone has called Berlin, the Northwest Territories and Montreal home. His writing has appeared in such places as n+1, Poetry Is Dead, Lemon Hound, The Coming Envelope, La Merle and The Conversant.

You Are What You Read

I vividly remember the first time I consciously read a book on my own, at the tender age of seven, and the feeling of ecstatic excitement that this act instilled in me.

I see now what it was about reading that grabbed me—it showed me that the world extended beyond my own reality. This was infinitely exciting for me as a young girl, for it was in completely in line with my own wicked imagination.

Gavin Thomson

I met Gavin in a particularly contemporary way— via an article published on the Internet. We had been interviewed about some of our views on writing…

Aqueous Yes

Alex Manley is not only a writer of literature, he is also a journalist who has covered everything from the death of print, internet poetics, the…

The local trickster

Jay Winston Ritchie once did something I’ve never seen done— he crashed a reading. Not completely, but kind of. Adorned in a long skirt, Matthew E. Duffy took to the mic to read from an epic romantic poem. Five minutes into the reading, I caught a looming image of Jay approaching the mic. I continued to watch Jay grab Duffy’s attention and proceed to position himself in front of the microphone.

The Résonance of The Void

On a warm Thursday night earlier this month I headed to Café Résonance to catch their new monthly reading series, which is curated by Klara du Plessis. It was the second edition of the reading and featured Sarah Burgoyne, Olivia Wood, Eliot D’Silva and Guillame Morissette.


Oh there you are, Laura

Laura Broadbent deservedly snatched the Robert Kroetsch Award last year, and saw her first collection of poetry Oh There You Are I Can’t See You Is it Raining? go to print with Snare Books. I asked her to be the first in Rover’s new series of interviews called The Whether You Like It Or Not Interview, which will feature a wide array of young Montreal writers.

The Birth of Weijia

I vividly remember the first time I read a poem in front of an audience. It was back in grade 10, as part of a creative writing class that was offered as an elective in my high school. Standing up in front of my peers and reciting my thoughts and feelings out loud felt like the most ambitious thing I had ever done. I literally burst into tears out of relief and satisfaction after reading, taking my seat back down amongst my peers. There was a certain power I had felt in my vulnerability.