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Into the Blue

The 2015 Blue Met Literary Festival will feature over 100 writers, including Junot Díaz, Nancy Huston, Russell Banks, Hector Tobar, and Marie Howe.


Women and trauma

The graphic approach or “show not tell.” What is the most appropriate way of writing about trauma? Elise Moser, Ann Charney and Koethi Zan reflect.

Carnet de 1827 (notebook written by Alfred de Vigny when he came to Maine-Giraud in 1827 after his aunt's death), and letters to his "steward", Philippe Soulet. Townhall of Champagne-Vigny, Charente, France

Becoming a writer

To be a writer, “you have to be willing to be foolish, to take risks,” says writer Alex Ohlin. Thinking about the end product or the challenges would distract you from the business of writing.

Jerusalem's Dung Gate between 1940 to 1946

A Jerusalem childhood

Issa Boullata presents a loving portrait of his childhood in the Old City of Jerusalem during the 1930s and 1940s, during the latter days of the British mandate in Palestine.

Barack Obama, Enrique Peña Nieto and Stephen Harper: the three not-so-much amigos?

NAFTA’s cultural legacy

Is NAFTA bringing us culturally closer to Latin America? Closer to Walmart, yes, but as Spanish departments get decimated, the prognosis on cultural life is not so good according to Blue Met’s panellists.

Joey Vegas at his British Masters title win.

A literary knockout

It began with actor Jocelyn Lagarrigue as a ringside announcer and continued with readings from legendary boxing literature, screenings of the renowned Muhammed Ali versus Joe Frazier bout, and boxing demonstrations with a young man who I’m convinced is the illegitimate child of actor Andy Garcia.