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Them’s fighting words

Charles Demers is not your ordinary warrior. His one-man militia encompasses multiple battlegrounds through his writings, stand-up comedy, activism, and regular performances on CBC’s The Debaters. Hailing from Vancouver, Demers’ recent insurgency at Just For Laughs was astutely funny, wielding wit as a key weapon for constructive social criticism. Demers was kind of enough to answer a few of my questions.

Smiles All ‘Round

Have we all adequately recovered from this year’s Just For Laughs festival? Caught up on our sleep?  Rehydrated? Good: that means it’s time to reflect on some of the standout performances from the sensational line-up of talent and recall some of the better one-liners while we’re at it.

Royally scattered

The Thursday night Britcom show at this year’s Just For Laughs illustrated the problematic nature of programming a night of comedy based on the performers all being from the same country. There was no real connective tissue between the acts other than in accent and in their not being women.

Funny Girl

Tig Notaro has had a hell of a ride, but it pretty much made her career. She was a relatively unknown comic when, in four short months in 2012, she came down with pneumonia, caught C-difficile, buried her mother after a freak accident, survived breast cancer, and was dumped by her girlfriend. Unable to cancel a previously booked gig, she stood up on stage and just told her story. As they say in showbiz, it killed.