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The age of the troll

Trolls are the bane of the virtual world, but also a marker of our 2.0 times. What does a troll want out of life? Where do trolls get their energy and political beliefs?

Landmark 1992 queer doc Forbidden Love is being re-released by the NFB

Love resurrection

Filmmakers Lynne Fernie and Aerlyn Weissman discuss the re-­release of their landmark 1992 documentary, Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives.


View from poolside

So I have this Muslim friend, and he’s rich like most Muslims are and, like all rich Muslims in Montreal, he’s a student at McGill. He hates swimming, never goes near a pool if he can help it. “It’s the Catholics,” he says, “they let their children pee in the pool!”


Christmas ostentatoire

This won’t work without a confession: Growing up, I was proud to be Muslim for so many reasons. People seemed to be converting to Islam every day. The fact that most of the conversions took place in prison, and that Mike Tyson became Malik Tayson after biting another human’s ear off of his head, were just details. But boy, did I ever pray for Santa Clause to convert to Islam. I mean he already had the beard. Miracles do happen Inshallah.


“Let them eat compost”

POLITICS. In this mayoralty race urban agriculture has hardly been on the lips of the front-runners. When asked by a Radio Canada journalist if he composts, Denis Coderre quipped: “I eat my compost,” a one liner that surely sums up his party’s well thought out environmental program.


Reality vs perception

Reality is often different than perception. We all have preconceived ideas of just about everything. We’re influenced by our families, social circles, backgrounds and cultures. And then of course there’s the media. Sometimes it can be hard to track where our ideas come from.

Word up!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the Middle East has been imploding (and exploding) for a few years now. One day it’s Arab Spring and we’re all yay! But the next day it’s all civil war and coups and the high price of hummus.