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Readiness is all

Will Prime Minister Justin Trudeau break our hearts? Most surely he will. But judged by the season launch, I’d say our new prime time series looks promising.


Knowing when to stop

For most of my life I have hated Christmas. My father was often laid off just before the holidays and there wasn’t much money for presents. It didn’t stop me from wanting things. And I always wanted things.

Marianne Ackerman about to come to Montreal.

BYOW and be happy

How goes Montreal’s anglo cultural scene? Marianne Ackerman offers some preliminary thoughts ahead of a panel she will join on Sunday hosted by the English-language Arts Network.

Reykjavik mayor Jon  Gnarr in pants, not a dress

From clown to mayor

If Rob Ford is politician who strove to be mayor and won, but became an international late-night clown, Jón Gnarr is the anti-thesis, a clown who ran as a joke, but then shockingly won the mayorship of Reykjavik.NDG City Councillor Peter McQueen reviews How I Became the Mayor of a Large City in Iceland and Changed the World.

Occupied Pleasures by Tanya Habjouqa at World Press Photo until Sept. 28

The eye that sees all

At World Press Photo, the best talents wield the camera not as an indifferent eye, but an instrument that reveals, often tenderly, the complexity of the world and who we are.


Sinking Gaza’s Ark

Gaza’s Ark was an unarmed ship built to bring relief to besieged Gazans and challenge the Israeli blockade from the inside out. It was targeted by Israeli forces on July 11th.