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Travel notes from writers about personal experiences with the arts and spirit of place, outside Montreal.


Hockey Night in Newfoundland

Inside the Mile One Centre in downtown St John’s, the sight lines are great no matter where you sit. The pregame entertainment is simple – two grown men smiling like 6 year olds bounce onto the ice and take their place at a row of pucks as an MC in a sweatshirt encourages them to aim for the net. Their success rate is about 2%. The crowd roars.


Gone down the road

In 1970, when the term “Canadian cinema” was very much an oxymoron, Don Shebib made a film called Goin’ Down the Road. About two hard scrabble Maritimers who seek their fortune – well, minimum wage jobs – in Toronto, it doesn’t end well. Dreams are dashed and Joey and Peter, two fish out of water, turn to desperate measures.

Slumdog Pauper

Had lunch with Anosh Irani on the weekend, the Vancouver-based playwright and “Canada Reads” alumnus in town for a reading of a new work-in-progress, My Granny…