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anne marie macdonald & adult onset

Out of the past

The last part of a trilogy that began with the epic Fall On Your Knees, Ann-Marie Macdonald’s latest novel, Adult Onset, offers an intimate portrait of a troubled past.

Balancing Act

Balancing act

Hip yet snarkily critical of hipness, Elyse Friedman’s The Answer to Everything is a breathtaking balancing act that’s laced with humour.

train station

Truth in exile

To immerse oneself in Haruki Murakami’s latest, Colorless Tsukuru Tamaki And His Years Of Pilgrimage, is to indulge in pure literary luxury. Not so colorless after all.


Peaceful soldier

Limbo offers an unusually frank and unromantic view of life in contemporary Italy and a new perspective of the ongoing military engagement in Afghanistan.

Montreal Street

Sleight of hand

Like the central character in these stories, Mireille Silcoff had to lie in bed with her head lower than her chest, trying to keep her brain from colliding with her skull.

fool head 3

Not wholly innocent

Reviewer John Delacourt spots characters “condemned to the margins” in Marianne Ackerman’s new short fiction. Here’s his review published in the Ottawa Review of Books.


Anyhow in a corner

Can one still write without irony about Love, Faith and Destiny in an idyllic southern Ontario? Apparently so, if your name is André Alexis and you wrote a book called Pastoral.

Another middle class man chauffered through the streets of New Delhi

Delhi: capital of capitals

Writing about a city which has been the subject of not just modern literary narratives but of the subcontinent’s centuries-old erudite Urdu and Persian poets such as Ghalib, Mir and Amir Khusrow, could not have been easy. With diverse characters — from rich businessmen to aspirational, middle-class youth working and call-centre agents, Dasgupta manages to foreground, in original ways, Delhi’s transformational and often contradictory modernity.