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Such a dream

Radio play without radio play sounds like an impossible contradiction, but it may be Terius Youngdell Nash’s dilemma. Working under the moniker The-Dream, Nash has both…

I’d Like to Thank My…

I have a thing for Hollywood. I’m also a sucker for all things hope-related. You know, meaningful things. This is not so different from the way I enjoy the thrill of escapism, like a meth addict “enjoys” meth or how most everyone seems to enjoy alcohol. The point is: I really like the world of music, film, television, and other abstract arts.

Just Be

As the cover of How Should a Person Be: A Novel From Life implies, Sheila Heti strips us down to our naked core. It is the story of life that begins post-divorce and carries on through an existential experience of artistic procrastination. Heti is a writer and life happens as she attempts to write what ought to be a brilliant play. How Should a Person Be tackles the moral “ought to” we construct for ourselves in an attempt to make our experiences the best they can be. But are there any truly objective “ought tos” in that aspiration, and if not, why tear ourselves apart when we fall short? Or so asks Heti.

Très Cool

Finally! A record to play at my super fly space party, where the girls sport hot pink lacquered nails, and the boys wear buttoned up polos…