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One Song at a Time

Music is a great equalizer. Regardless of race, class, plight or fortune, music blindly travels into our ears, exuding the power to string hearts and touch souls with as little as one pitched note. Where does this power come from? How, considering that we continuously fail to prove ourselves as an egalitarian species, does music reconcile the seemingly irreconcilable? Without professing to have any concrete answers, Stefan Christoff, Montreal-based social activist and artist, touches on this idea that music helps us reach distinct levels of expression.

Making his Mark

There are very few of the 2 million (minus change) of us treading through the island who can, with a straight face and audible hum, speak true justice to Montreal’s rap scene. We can all guise our ignorance with ecstatic cheers for the local stage winners, like Nomadic Massive and The Narcicyst, and subsequently claim to actually know a thing or two about what’s being produced in the city’s underground. But this would be an oversight on our parts, a complete disregard to the other rappers who are out there pushing their craft and reaching out, or at least trying to.

Save a Prayer

When you think of a gospel choir, three things typically come to mind: a church, an inspiring group of singers with miraculous voices, and the word…

In Full Bloom

Bass, guitar, drums, vocals. Easy enough. Now throw in violin, cello, piano, horns, mandolin and a choir. Oh yeah, and some Inuit throat singing. Mix all…