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Art occupies the streets

Montreal is finally adding a street art festival, Mural, to its dizzying summer roster. From June 13-16, 35 local and international artists will make a canvas of Montreal’s famed Main.

What the Tide Brings In

Montreal poet Susan Gillis’ collection The Rapids is nestled in winter clothes — a little lonesome and inward-looking, but also interrogating the sensual, tactile and spiritual nature of outer-world. In spite of the decade between The Rapids and Volta (2002), there is no evidence of any sort of poet’s dotage here.

Loopy Feedback

Steve Bates’ exhibition, FDBK, may strike a chord for those haunted by memories of teenage bands at house parties and other less-than-ideal sound system situations. This is exhibit approaches the intimacy (and disunion) of sound, teasing out the connections between science, music and the mystical world (death, time and memories) in video installation, sound, light, radio transmissions, and “publication acts.”

No Fixed Borders

What’s most striking at first glance about neo-expressionist painter Manuel Mathieu’s exhibition of paintings, “PRÉMICES/OPEN ENDED”, is not the work itself, but the curatorial decision to paint one of the gallery walls a brilliant yellow. Perhaps it’s unfair to suppose that everyone will be impressed by this. I noticed it because it is the same yellow as my bedroom wall, with which I have a fairly unhappy relationship.

Hard Bargains

On a discreet street just north of Rue Jean-Talon, in that shapeless neighborhood between the borders of Little India and Little Italy, gallery Battat Contemporary hosts Further Negotiations by Kamrooz Aram.

The Empowerers Strike Back

“This is a safe sharting space,” declares the maniacal motivational speaker who takes the Zoofest audience hostage at the beginning of Other People’s Problems. Safe-Sharting? Sharing…

Make Jokes, Not War

It’s not stand-up comedy, but it’s funny. It’s a physical tour de force (if you’re sitting in the front row you’re likely to get hit with Ashanti’s sweat.) It’s profane. It’s a coming-of-age quest.

A Job Well Done

CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi recently interviewed Larry King on his morning talk-radio show Q. King devoted a large part of the conversation to criticizing the…

No easy way out

Will there ever be an end to the practice of ripping off René Margritte’s famous painted statement, Ceci n’est pas un pipe? Ah, the treachery! The…

A Cultural Dégustation

The colossal crowds at almost every cultural venue participating in the 25thedition of Montreal Museum’s Day proved that Montrealers are hungry like wolves for a free…