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Looking Ahead at Politics and Art

2017. Solid round numbers ending in a lucky seven, the words have a strong ring. Hearing them I see blue and silver. Already, the US presidential campaign, which left many of us feeling black and blue, has produced a silvery consequence.


Readiness is all

Will Prime Minister Justin Trudeau break our hearts? Most surely he will. But judged by the season launch, I’d say our new prime time series looks promising.


Momus moment

For an informed look at Papier 15, Montreal’s ultra-popular paperworks art fair (April 24-26), Rover recommends following Sky Goodden’s guided tour this Friday at 1 p.m. Founder and editor of, an ambitious new art crit web magazine, Goodden is art’s best news in years. 

Marianne Ackerman about to come to Montreal.

BYOW and be happy

How goes Montreal’s anglo cultural scene? Marianne Ackerman offers some preliminary thoughts ahead of a panel she will join on Sunday hosted by the English-language Arts Network.


The land that time remembers

There isn’t a hint of social realism or documentary in the collection. Ms. Rutenberg’s travels were clearly motivated by the search for startling images. Nor is there a trace of cliché. Even the much-photographed Percé Rock looks fresh, shot from a distance across textured strips of ice and open water, against a background of a cement-coloured sky and a few lonely clouds.

Photo by David Ospina

The show that wasn’t one

When theatre holds a mirror up to life, it can be a nasty picture. Case in point, Le Noshow, a collective work of théâtre-réalité that opened this year’s Festival Transamériques (FTA).