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Fifty trees of Montreal

April is the cruelest month. Except for the trees. They cycle through life and death as if it were a roller coaster. Any minute now they’ll be racing past on their way to the lushest part of the year.


Anyhow in a corner

Can one still write without irony about Love, Faith and Destiny in an idyllic southern Ontario? Apparently so, if your name is André Alexis and you wrote a book called Pastoral.

One of Murphy-Perron's photos for sale on his website (link below).

Donne-moi un break

Mathieu Murphy-Perron is a Montreal playwright, writer, photographer and activist. He also has a day job. Wait – nix that. He had a day job. He is now an unemployed playwright, writer, photographer and activist.


View from poolside

So I have this Muslim friend, and he’s rich like most Muslims are and, like all rich Muslims in Montreal, he’s a student at McGill. He hates swimming, never goes near a pool if he can help it. “It’s the Catholics,” he says, “they let their children pee in the pool!”


Fine cuisine

Some actors carry an entire movie on their shoulders. Irrfan Khan carries The Lunchbox on his face. His beautiful, supple, gentle, forlorn, intelligent, bereft face.


Dealing Quebec a bad hand?

It was opening night of Robert Lepage’s Pique and streams of us were walking towards the place as if to Mordor. Lepage, the dark master of Quebec theatre, couldn’t have asked for a better entrance.


Mot/town: Deanna Smith

It was a cold November day when Elise Moser and I met Deanna Smith in the park off St Laurent in Little Italy, around the corner from her place. But we froze our little mitts off so went to Marché Milano and pretended to buy pasta for an hour. Actually, we didn’t have to pretend.


Mot/town: Alice Zorn

The Point is a neighbourhood of contrasts and history, where street names sound like they belong in Liverpool and kids run around speaking a French that wouldn’t be out of place in Les Plouffe circa 1953.