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Hard to swallow

Evelyne de la Chenelière and director Davide Chiazzese try to capture some of the rom-com frothy fun, but end up with more than they – or their cast – can chew.

Stop and stare

Thanks to Concordia Professor and local stop motion animation expert Erik Goulet, tonight marks the beginning of the fifth edition of the Montreal Stop Motion Festival. The party gets underway with a visit from legendary director Henry Selick, who will be present for a special screening of his holiday classic The Nightmare Before Christmas, celebrating its twentieth anniversary this week.

Smiles All ‘Round

Have we all adequately recovered from this year’s Just For Laughs festival? Caught up on our sleep?  Rehydrated? Good: that means it’s time to reflect on some of the standout performances from the sensational line-up of talent and recall some of the better one-liners while we’re at it.

Best Foot Forward?

Only the coldest of hearts would be immune to the plight of a young boy struggling to study ballet in a hyper-masculine, lower-income, politically charged environment.  …

Courage and Confinement

You’d think twenty-five years into Montreal’s Image+Nation film festival, there’d be nothing but good news to report on the human rights front regarding the LGBT communities…

Horror & Heartbreak

Fantasia audiences are used to seeing blood splatter across the screen.  In fact, they’ve come to expect it. For a film to really impress, it must go beyond bodily fluids to explore the kinds of deep psychological wounds most film festivals would consider taboo. This year’s program delivered two such offerings, overflowing with despair and inner darkness…with just a hint of blood thrown in for good measure.

Last Laughs

As far as 30th Anniversary celebrations go, this one’s been pretty wild.  We’ve seen SNL correspondent Stefon report on the Montreal club scene, the Muppets –…

Sky(walker)’s The Limit

Tonight at 10pm, Club 1234 will play host to a rowdy crowd of cinephiles with diverse tastes. Though some will speak of their passion for Asian cinema while others declare their love for horror films and documentaries, all will be celebrating the 16th year of Fantasia – the beloved Film Festival that unites moviegoers for twenty-two days of unbridled excitement.

Super Mario

It’s been said that behind every successful woman in Hollywood stands a gay man.  Comedian Mario Cantone, however, has stood proudly alongside some of the most…

Muppets Take Montreal

Amidst a summer of highly-anticipated concerts, circus acts and comedy shows, one particular event stands out as a true once-in-a-lifetime, can’t-miss-it experience: Jim Henson’s Muppets at…