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The Comics Next Door

Conundrum Press is Canada’s second oldest publisher of comics and graphic novels, yet within the sparsely populated Canadian comics publishing community, Conundrum is still somewhat under the radar. Considering that their main competition is the world famous Drawn and Quarterly, and the smaller, brand new Koyama Press, why isn’t Conundrum a household name in the comics community?

Home Sweet Home

Montreal’s Mile End is known for many things: its coffee shops, stylish inhabitants, anglophone art scene, and the pretention that drips from every balcony and custom…

Sharp Enough

The crowd at an experimental music show expects to be impressed. At Casa del Popolo a couple of Fridays ago, Jason Sharp stepped onto the stage and faced an audience of his peers. Accompanied by only a mounted snare drum at his chest, a baritone saxophone slung from his neck, and a lung full of air, he turned up the volume on the mic strapped to his chest. The room filled with the steady pulse of his heartbeat.

The Whole Shebang

Have you ever looked at a piece of art and thought, “Did the artist even enjoy making this?” If so, you’ve been collateral damage to one of the worst criminal offenses against western culture: soulless art. For those who take joy and pride and play and exploration in their art, it’s just demoralizing and devaluing. So guys, cut it out.

Sinking, Sinking

If you’re a newcomer to the world of comics: welcome. You might be thinking to yourself at this moment: Do I toe the edge, or jump in? There’s a lot of movement going on, many undefined shapes and characteristics to look out for. How to find what you like so your first swim isn’t also your last? Like I said, welcome. But before you get frustrated or overwhelmed, let me suggest an entry point. Let me introduce you to Jeff Lemire.

Secret Garden

Children are constantly reminded that they know nothing of the world. Adults act as if they couldn’t understand, so no use trying to explain. Other children…