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Mrs Robinson still seduces

Montreal was still reeling from Expo 67, mini-skirts were turning heads, pot was definitely not medicinal, and the world was headed to California when The Graduate hit movie screens. The zeitgeist of the time was change. When the world was moving fast and everything seemed possible, The Graduate manifested all of its conflicts, not to mention scandal, hope and pure exuberance.


On the road with Anna

That first night we stayed at the Sunrise Motel in Cody, Wyoming, the town built by Buffalo Bill. One year, the Hell’s Angels and Bandidos had both booked into the motel on their way to the Harley Davidson convention. Police from a hundred mile radius had surrounded the motel to keep the peace.

Vancouver's Strapless Comedy at the Montreal Fringe

Notes from the Fringe

Rover theatre critic Anna Fuerstenberg gives her rundown of Montreal Fringe 2014 so far. Some highs: Blood Wild, High Tea, Strapless Comedy, Sense Gentle and Shakespeare Crackpot.

Five years after winning the Frankie for best play, Nutter has teamed up with her brother for a riposte.

Rewriting family

Anyone who has had a contentious upbringing will find terrific solace and wonderment in My Playwright Sister’s dramatic and gut-wrenching exegesis on family.

Award-winning actor, director, singer and choreographer Nadia Verrucci. Catch Souvenir at the Centaur May 22-25. Photo by Sabrina Reeves.

Up close with Nadia Verrucci

Rover critic Anna Furstenberg sits down for a Q & A with award-winning Montreal actor, singer, director and choreographer Nadia Verrucci, who presents Souvenir at the Centaur Theatre from May 22 to 25.