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If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already got a fantastic web site to convey your message. The goal of Rover ads is to draw people to your site.

A few words
An image
Even a puzzle – it doesn’t take much

Rover is committed to discovering how best to deliver our readers to you.

Our readers: a growing pool of dynamic, informed people hungry for news of the wide variety of art and culture available to Montrealers. With a fresh post daily, we’ve gained the attention of top Montreal creators and key players in the world of indie music, visual arts, opera, theatre, literature, dance, film, gaming, classical music. We’re linked to many dynamic sites and important mailing lists.

Rover’s unique arts-focused content delivers you a specialized market, a truly original platform from which to promote your events and wares.

Launched on October 1, 2008, Rover is a growing force on the new media scene. Join us in the challenge of creating a unique online community united by news and reviews from the best writers around, combined with the totally useful information of your ads.

Your presence on the site enhances our mission and our chances of success. We believe creative Montreal needs and merits a high-quality online arts magazine. A venue for quality criticism. An affordable, effective advertising vehicle.

Our readers want and need your information.


Here are your options:

EMBEDDED BANNER: (425 x 73 pixels) A clean white box featuring text and (possibly) a line image in black. Tantalizing. Mysterious. This ad appears on our banner, with a black pop up drawing the reader on.

WHAT’S ON: left column of site, a bin with drop-down featuring a few words about your event and a link to your site.

BOX ADS: right column of site. Either your image or a few tantalizing words and a link inside our pre-designed boxes.



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