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House Broken

For those of us who weren’t around to experience the 1960s in person, that heady decade is forever painted in psychedelic-coloured swirls, peace signs, and hippie hair. But while the summer of love might have been a veritable Kundalini fest in San Francisco or even Montreal, the summer of 1967 in Winnipeg was far from a carefree exchange of bodily fluids.

Would I Lie to You?

The best non-fiction doesn’t just answer questions about a particular subject but motivates us to ask more. Three pages into Ian Leslie’s Born Liars and I’m already drawn in, inspired to personally take on the inquiry into the role deception plays in our lives.

Ben Allan’s Complaint

David Homel’s previous novels have been praised for their passionate intelligence and insightful descriptions of the human condition. Books like the award-winning The Speaking Cure and…

On Being Homoparental

If the term “queer parenting” makes you think of lipstick lesbians pushing four-hundred dollar designer strollers or immaculately dressed gay white men cuddling adopted brown-skinned babies,…