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Random act of violence hits hard

Lucinda Davis in Random

Lucinda Davis in Random

First of all, if you have not already got a ticket to this amazing tour de force… do it now, or you might miss one of the most outstanding performances of this theatre community, ever! Imago and Black Theatre Workshop have achieved something incredible.

Some time last week I heard someone complaining about “Compassion burn out”. If it does exist then this play is the cure. It truly engages and moves one.

debbie tucker green has written an absolutely astonishing play. Her characters are tremendous, well defined and powerful. The mother who still speaks with “island patois” let’s us in on the quotidian grind she must endure. Her taciturn husband sets rules which she cheerfully sends up. The daughter is fabulously drawn as an office worker infinitely bored with the daily politics of survival in her work environment. The son and brother of these, is so well depicted that you can feel the testosterone in every line. He charms one moment and fights the next.

Then you realise as you pinch yourself that all of these are being portrayed by one actor; Lucinda Davis. She manages to make the various personae move and weave and thrust while sitting down for the entire first half of the play. It is remarkable how diverse and clear her performance is, and how utterly convincing.

The direction of this piece is perfectly calibrated by Micheline Chevrier, and Davis delivers all the drama with a kind of genius we rarely experience in this city. The set design by Pierre-Étienne Locas is delightful and a heart breaking metaphor for the story. His design for Davis’ androgynous costume works perfectly. Martin Sirois adds excellent lighting and the sound design of Peter Cerone is subtle and perfect.

We know that a one woman show is extremely difficult to deliver, but Lucinda Davis never misses a beat or a teeth sucking opportunity to paint her characters with great depth and compassion.

Random plays at the MAI until April 4


Anna Fuerstenberg is a writer, director, performer and teacher.

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