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4000 Miles is a “warmity”; it is neither a tragedy nor a comedy but is guaranteed to leave you feeling warm all over. That is not to say that there are no fantastic moments of comedy and moments of poignancy as well.The story is very simple and direct and the writing is clear and delightful, but the big bonus is getting to see Clare Coulter strut her stuff in a role that fits like a glove. Her Vera is hilarious and reminds me of my parents’ comrades and their take on the universe as they aged. Coulter embodied that feisty honest view of ageing and the world.

Nathan Barrett as Leo gave a truly nuanced and delightful performance. When Vera finally breaks down and allows him to give her a hug, his movement is spontaneous and touching. His comic timing almost as good as Clare’s and his scene with Amanda was fabulous.

LiLi was terrific as Amanda and said things on stage we have not heard before, and in a totally believable delivery. Her scene was fresh and totally delightful.

Liana Montoro had the most difficult role, but she did deliver a near perfect performance. As Bec, arguably the least developed persona, she nonetheless found new and entertaining ways to portray this complicated character.

Surette’s directing was flawless, and the attention to detail was truly impressive. The set by Barbara Matis was delightful, and reminded me of my family in Manhattan in the sixties and seventies. Even the plants and paintings were evocative. The light by Luc Prairie deserves a separate mention, because it was perfect. The choice of music was impeccable and had many members of the audience humming along.

Altogether a lovely evening of theatre, get your raincoat and head on down, you will not want to miss feeling this warm.

4000 Miles, by Amy Herzog, directed by Roy Surrette

At the Centaur to April 20th

514 288 8575 or go here



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