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Mot/town: Alice Zorn


The Point is a neighbourhood of contrasts and history, where street names sound like they belong in Liverpool and kids run around speaking a French that wouldn’t be out of place in Les Plouffe circa 1953. I myself lived there for 5 years in the early 90s and discovered that even when everyone and their brother won’t talk to you, the kids always will. Elise Moser and I headed down there to meet Hamilton native Montreal convert Alice Zorn.

Zorn has been living in the southwest neighbourhood of Pointe St Charles since 2001, and it is the setting for her next novel. Her first was Arrhythmia, published in 2011. Two years earlier she hit the ground running with Ruins and Relics, a book of short stories. It was a rainy day but she brought her umbrella and we hung out by the underwear.

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