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Mot/town: Kaie Kellough


Mot/town is the video and literary collaboration of myself, Elise Moser and a handful of Montréal writers. Beginning last year, we called up local novelists, poets, and spoken word artists and brought a camera. These are their streets, our city, their words, our images, their faces, our ears and eyes. In English and French, in focus and not. Take a look.

Kaie Kellough is a word-sound systemizer, a Montreal poet who works in print, audio, and performance.  Author of two books, Lettricity and Maple Leaf Rag, and one recording, Vox:Versus, he is known for syncopating consonants.  Kaie has performed and published internationally.  Often collaborating with musicians, he is preparing new recordings for 2014 release. This poem, “Pairs,” is based on the following letter-pairs: bp, dt, fv, gk, sz.  Each pair is composed of consonants whose sound is produced using the same vocal mechanism.

Watch the complete Mot/town series here.

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