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Bubby is funny

Veteran Just for Laughs comics Mike Ward and Deanne Smith travel to the depths of Cote-St-Luc to sit down for an intimate “Evening” with my Bubby Sophie. She jokes, she sings, she tries to force feed them a variety of different foods. Learn why kosher chickens are better than non-kosher chickens. Spoiler alert: It’s ’cause they’re juicier.


Adam Susser is a widely respected comedian (formerly comedienne, see Annette Susser) writer, actor, director, silent film editor (with leanings toward sad films), dance instructor, singer and dance instructor. Did I mention dance instructor. Adam is a founding member of The Japanese Power Rangers Society. And his family. Which consists of himself. That right ladies, he’s looking for a wife. Adam has been performing stand-up comedy for approx. 10 years, and dance for 0 years. He also has 0 years of vocal training experience. He’s shunned the dramatic arts as he doesn’t feel it’s a real art form. “Anyone can cry, but can anyone really laugh?” is a popular Adam Susser quote. Adam is a big supporter of KFC because, as he puts it, “Chickens would do the same to us if they could. Trust me.

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