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Montreal talent reaches for the stars

Sarah Linhares and Shawn Laptiste are Future Falcon

Sarah Linhares and Shawn Laptiste are Future Falcon

Montreal’s future-soul princess Sarah Linhares delivered a stellar performance on July 1st, lessened only by the rain that began to fall almost as soon as she stepped onto the stage. Accompanied by her Future Falcon partner, Shawn Laptiste (aka LazerFalcon), and band members David Ryshpan (keys), Anthony Pageot (drums), Mark Haynes (bass), as well as an assorted crew of guests, they kept the energy level climbing, and the crowd, undeterred by the rain, dancing.

You wouldn’t have known it watching the seamless performance but Linhares, who has been making music in Madeira, Portugal since February, only had two weeks in Montreal to put the show together and rehearse with LazerFalcon and her band. As well, Linhares and Falcon made the last-minute decision to invite Montreal duo Skinny Bros, steelpanist Martin Albino and dancers Martine Cherry Bruneau and Cindy Urban-Element into the mix, a bold move that testified to Linhares’ and LazerFalcon’s ability to blend multiple musical styles – as well as to the abundance of talent in this city.

Linhares performed tracks from her 2011 debut solo album Messages From the Future, as well as Future Falcon tracks and some of her new solo work. Introducing “Knives of Fire,” she explained that they had never performed it together, but her strong, clear vocals and the Skinny Bros on guitar made the song a high-energy crowd pleaser. Linhares wears her many musical hats well. She easily shifts from warm and funny to diva-esque, as in the Future Falcon track “Skylark” where she belted out to the subject of the song, “Don’t f&#k with me!” amidst cheers and whistles from the crowd.

For many in the audience this was both an introduction and a farewell to Linhares, who is returning to Portugal for an undetermined amount of time. She’ll be performing at the Optimus Alive Festival this month, opening for acts such as Jessie Ware and Disclosure. LazerFalcon will be visiting her later this month to meet some of the producers she has been working with. So no matter what side of the Atlantic Ocean you find yourself on, keep an eye on the inevitable flights of these two.

Sarah Linhares and Future Falcon performed as part of the Montreal International Jazz Festival (FIJM). You can check out Sarah Linhares on Soundcloud. For full festival programming and more information, visit the Festival website.

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