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The Birdmann cometh for your tears (of laughter)

Vaudeville lives!

The once defunct theatre genre dealing in a variety of unrelated yet popular entertainment styles didn’t die out in the thirties after all. The Birdmann (Trent Baumann) has breathed life back into it, using a uniquely humorous approach.

With “The Events of Momentous Timing,” the Birdmann has created an eclectic series of acts that never failed to keep the audience laughing. From balancing the odd item on his face to using bad puns in a good way, the Birdmann reenacts a sequence of unexpected events involving a blackout and the bizarre night that led up to it.

In a black suit a few sizes too small and a hairdo like a rooster’s comb, the Birdmann greets the audience in all seriousness despite his absurd appearance. Every step after gathers momentum until even the sourest curmudgeon couldn’t help but chuckle. By the end of it all, the Birdmann will have stole your heart in his search for love and laughter.

After the show, Mr. Trent Baumann, the Australian-born man known as Birdmann, explained it was his “third time in Montreal, but my first time performing here.” Among his wide range of schooling in the theatrical and circus arts, it was Montreal where he studied miming. As to why he had chosen vaudeville as his performance style, Baumann responded, “I grew up in Surfers Paradise watching the street performers and decided I liked the life and everything I needed could fit in a suitcase.”

Baumann boasted he had now toured in seventeen countries, bringing such acts as “Vanguard of Vaudeville,” “Episodes of Significant Timing,” and “1Line” to the world at large. When asked where he received his inspiration for “The Events of Momentous Timing,” he answered literally, saying “I wrote it all in one night. I was living in a Montreal basement flat and wrote the twenty minutes of wordplay there.”

Although vaudevillian in nature, the Birdmann’s show of one-liners and goofy visuals creates more of a  parody about himself and the genre, guaranteed to water your eyes with good humour. And it doesn’t end there. With over fifteen years of training and experience, the Birdmann is also available for features, acts, emceeing, outdoor activities, and as an extra.

If you would like to see The Birdmann’s “The Events of Momentous Timing,” he performs every night at 21h00 through to the 27th at Monument National. All other performances and queries can be addressed here at Baumann’s website.

Trent Baumann performs as part the Zoofest festival. For more information and to purchase tickets please visit the festival website.

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