To the Canadian Public,
I am writing you to tell you about my horrible life all because I am gay and I had the nerve to want to work, in all good faith, for the federal government. But, as a result, I ended up being discriminated by it and suffering terribly because of it and, in the end, having my career cut short(see attachments relating my story).
I would like you to take the time to read my story and, after you have done so, to consider writing an article about my troubles and my hopelessness.
I have also included below copy of an article I am sending to all MPS and Senators relating to my situation.
I thank you in advance for all the considerations you will surely give this affair.
Respectfully yours,
Paul E. Richard
Tel: 514-286-9759

To All Parties Concerned

After reading the article in the National Post regarding how westerners have expressed their disgust at Russia’s new law criminalizing the “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations.” I have decided to write to you regarding my own situation and no it’s not from Russia but here in our very own Democratic Canada.

Some years ago I worked within the Federal Government as an Economist and like other Canadians had plans to work my career in the government and retire with a pension living a simple life but with quality however, that would not be the case as the powers to be with their lack of understanding and their ignorance towards homosexuality would leave me at the side of the road with no job and eventually no quality of life.

The Conservative government has now finally seen the light dismantling their draconian views and have begun to understand that “Gays” have rights and that they are human beings just like everyone else who live in Canada. The Conservative government has also made it clear that they intend on offering protection to “Gays” in Iran who are persecuted. And so, what about “Gays” in Canada we have been persecuted for years without protection and left on the side of the road without any measures of remedy. I was abused and harassed because of my “Sexual Orientation”.

In Canada it is our “fundamental right” to be protected against any form of abuse and it is also part of our “human rights” to be treated in a manner that does not breed hate and violence which exists within people when there is no understanding and a lack of willingness to try. And so, I am attaching my story in the hopes that it will show you the Canadian public and the Powers to be how “One gay man” who lived in democratic Canada was persecuted and treated with intolerance and hate.

Respectfully yours,

Paul Richard