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The Unhappy Hour of Christmas Fear

For your benefit I will lock these negative energies in a magical seal until after the first paragraph. Until then: Kudos Hallelujah Abracadabra Namaste Merry Christmas!

At the current rate of over fishing, all the fish in the ocean will be extinct by the year 2050. With them goes a delicate balance of all life on Earth, including our own. This is a commonly known fact amongst marine biologists. One of the most endangered species, bluefin tuna, is being stockpiled and frozen by Japanese car company Mitsubishi in preparation for its inevitable extinction. They hold roughly 40% of the total bluefin market. Despite this, bluefin tuna is available at almost every Sushi restaurant on the globe.

Ravenous consumption is taking priority over moderation and preservation. So this is a message to all you sushi eating socialites: when a zombified, cyborg David Suzuki comes looking for you with a double-barreled shot-gun, remember, you had it coming.

War is brewing in the Middle East. Right on schedule according to the apocalypse junkies. World War Three. Oil, like the Rolling Stones, peaked years ago and we are horribly, horribly unprepared for its inevitable decline. The resource wars are only beginning. More important than anything else, we rely on fossil fuel to produce the vast amounts of food required to feed the billions of people on this Earth. The exponential growth of the world’s population is directly tied to the industrial revolution and the development of modern agricultural production and distribution. Without it, we will all starve.

There is more mania about the latest iPhone than there is about world poverty. Don’t worry about it. Go buy another iPhone. Lose yourself in the meaningless texts, tweets, and zombie glow. Good luck getting reception when the tons and tons of space junk flying thousands of miles an hour around the Earth prevents all satellites from operating and essentially seals us into our doom.

There are people that want to own everything. Enormous multi-national corporations that copyright seeds, genetically modify plants to die, privatize water, and will one day privatize the very atoms in your body.

At heart I am not an optimist.

We are apathetic to the crimes of our own government. How does it feel to live in a dictatorship, Canada? Stephen Harper has staged a coup on our democracy, called Robogate, and is using his power to destroy everything we love and care about. What are we doing to stop him?

We live in blissful ignorance as to how this enormous level of decadence is sustained.

My friends and family have all asked me to stop sending them petitions.

If God created us, are we an experiment that has failed?

Kudos Hallelujah Abracadabra Namaste Merry Christmas

This Christmas, give the gift of social change:

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