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The Other Greek Talk Show Guy

Is there life after art? Dimitrios Koussioulas answers in the affirmative. When his steady paycheque as a member of the Galerie de Bellefeuille sales staff disappeared last summer, he toyed with writing a novel. Instead, he settled on a talk show called Parc Avenue Tonight. Filmed in his living room. Broadcast on YouTube. Now available on Rover.

CBC Toronto has George Stroumboulopoulos, with the red chair. Montreal has Dimitrios and his own personal sofa. High budget, it isn’t, though both concept and execution have tons of class.

“Don’t talk to me about money,” the host says, waving a cigarette in the air. “I don’t run after it. Money knows where to find me.” On a brisk fall morning, he settles me onto the sofa with a glass of banana juice, imported from Greece. I don’t have time to ask why banana, why bottled in Greece. It’s delicious. The cameras are rolling and our host, wearing a natty suit and expensive haircut, lunges forward into his free-form interview style. Serious and yet ironic, bordering on mocumentary. Except that his questions are good and the ten live minutes go by in a blur.

Viewers will have to wait for that episode until sometime after Christmas. In the meantime, you can catch our host chatting with local cult filmmaker Matt Silver (episode one). Watch Silver squirm as Dimitrios gets personal. Episode two has Joe Beef chef and co-owner David McMillan talking about what’s to love and hate about food critics.

Where does Parc Avenue Tonight go from here? Viral, he hopes. For starters he’s already got his name in lights on the Rialto Theatre marquees, captured in a stylish intro. Producer and cameraman Matt Racek along with co-producer Natalie Vansier are ready to roll with another season. If you want to hear more from celebrities walking incognito in our midst, follow the series and give the team a like.


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