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We Are Young … and Fashionable

With the Festival Mode & Design Montreal in full swing and Fashion Week in September, it’s fair to say that Montreal is a fashion-forward city. In other words, we be serious about our fashion. But the real show is actually off the runway. On a casual walk down St. Laurent or Ste. Catherine, it’s easy to spot an endless variety of eclectic styles without even looking in any store windows. Keeping that in mind, Rover took to the streets to find the most style-savvy outfits to share with you, right in time for Mode & Design. We’ve narrowed it down to nine of our favourite trends, found right in the heart of our city.

Near the start of our search, we spotted Emma crossing the street on Ste. Catherine. Her monochrome approach was eye-catching, with a casual flowiness that stood out in a crowd (especially if you’re going for that summery forest faerie vibe…well achieved, Emma!) And if looking like a forest goddess isn’t enough, she’s also sporting our first trend for this summer…

Maxi Skirts. Get the look. There’s a close to identical skirt at American Apparel, which is always a great place to start if you’re looking to play up your basics like Emma does here with a few accessories, tan sandals and, of course, her super cute pixie cut.



That’s it, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve found the female version of Skrillex!

Alex caught our eye with her fearless ’do and cute put-together (loving the boat shoes). That being said, this selection may or may not have been biased by yours truly.

Nope. No bias here. Regardless, this definitely leads us to our next trend, and we’ve got all of Tumblr to back us up.

Pastel Hair. Rover Tip: Getting your hair done at a salon is well worth the extra dollars if you’re looking to keep a more unusual color for longer than a week or two. Pharmacy-bought colour from brands like Punky Colour and Manic Panic do come out nicely if applied properly, but they’re hard to maintain, because they tend to fade out rather fast. Instead, ask your stylist to use an accent (a dye that is usually mixed in with another colour to add a certain hue to it; for example, blue is often mixed with black, and red is often mixed with brown) on its own, on your entire head. This way, your colour can last up to two or three months without you having to pay much attention to maintenance, because accents are usually meant for more permanent looks, anyway.

Next up, we’ve got Lysandre. We found him taking a break from his shift at Urban Outfitters on Ste. Catherine’s. Well-versed in all that is fashion-forward, he had lots to say about the importance of accessories and little coloured items that add “a bit of flash” to any outfit. More importantly, he underlined jewlery as a must, and that metallics are big this season — which leads us to our next trend:

DIY Studs. Get the look: For cheap (and varied) studs to add on yourself, check out Angry Young and Poor. Here, you can buy packs of 100 studs for under five dollars to add a cool edge to your wardrobe. Don’t trust yourself to DIY? No worries, a local up-and-comer, Villainous Vintage, sells her own studded creations online, and even sits in at American Apparel stores every so often in Montreal to stud your newly-purchased denim on the spot!


We decided to switch things up after roaming Ste. Cat’s for a bit too long and chose to head to the Plateau, knowing we were sure to run into some fashionistas there (where else?). Sure enough, before even getting out of Mont-Royal Metro, we ran into our next two street stylers, Rachel and Michael, just hanging out on the escalator. They were so hot we practically ran to them.

Statement Leggings. Get the look: If you’re ready to splurge, OyaBodywear  is definitely one of the leaders in bad-ass leggings buzz online. If not, your best bet is American Apparel’s collection of “novelty” leggings. Or, for an even cheaper (and more fun) alternative, just buy some white leggings and a tie dye kit and get creative!

Denim Vests/ 90s Revival. Get the look: For this new-grunge vibe, try your hand at thifting. Finding an old denim jacket for cheap means there’s no real hesitation when it comes to getting your scissors involved. For your own personal touch, try adding patches, paint splatters, fringe… the possibilities really are endless. And the best bit about finding your staples second hand? They often already have their own personalized detailing from whoever owned them before.






We found Kiki on St. Laurent. She instantly got our attention with her eclectic mix of colours, shapes and patterns. And that awesome the slave bracelet! But one thing in her outfit stands out from the rest as a summer festival staple.

Bralet Crop-Tops. Get the look: There’s a nice selection of these at TopShop (which will be opening as part of the Bay in Montreal in the fall! Yay!) But for now, if shopping online isn’t your thing, American Eagle has a few as well. Expect to see a bunch of these at Osheaga over the weekend.






Stephanie is Montreal laid back, grunge-vibe personified. Her outfit is casual and comfortable while still making its own statement. We love the contrast in colours with her shoes and socks and of course the red square that’s subtle but ever-present to speak volumes. Our favourite staple, here, though, is that awesome printed sweater!

(Mostly Tribal-Inspired) Patterned Tops. Get the look: You’re likely to find something similar at Hadio on St. Laurent. They have a bunch of both new and used clothes with a laid-back, oversized feel and massive bins full of endless patterned sweaters. They don’t have a website, but you can check them out at 314 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est.



What were we saying about flowy summer faeries? Laurence effortlessly brings together two of our previously mentioned trends (maxi skirts and tribal patterns) with another huge one this summer.

Sheer Tops. Get the look: For a basic chiffon top as seen on Laurence, check out these finds at H&M and American Apparel (in white).

P.S. Did anyone see that great rant about chiffon in the RANT LINE™? That’s how I feel about this top. I wish I could link you all to this goodness, but unfortunately, the Mirror was discontinued in June, for anyone slow on the uptake. But, on that note, in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the revival.





And finally, here’s Julia, our last street style find. She was walking among the hundreds of festival-goers around Place des Arts during Just for Laughs on Friday. Once again in Montreal, tons of people coming together for a good time. God, I love this city.

Bright, Summery Colours (Pastels). Get the look: Garage has a good selection of coloured denim. Jeggings scare and confuse you? You can get jeans from Forever 21 and pants from American Apparel (“Mint” is a close match) and Dynamite.

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