Legault has backers in places most Rover readers would not want to enter. A clutch of former Senators, Mulroney cronies, the wealthy elite who also love Harper, or work for him. The same suits who tell the Gazette what to tell the Anglos about whom to vote for. The kind of men who cry when Mitt Romney's wife gets up to "humanize" her husband. The men who love fracking and the Northern Gateway pipeline and the tar sands. Who want a pleasant climate for Big Business in Quebec, period. Paul Desmarais is also one of them. Men with mansions on Lac Memphremagog. Men who profit from the quick sell-off of our resources, and couldn't care less about the next generation, since their own children are often on drugs or hospitalized with mental illness. Men who are selling off the planet at a dizzying rate as they await their next triple bypass. They want you to vote for their pal, Francois Legault, who once ran a cutrate airline —

The writing is right there on the wall, for those who can read it.