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Magic Hat

Air conditioning isn’t the only draw to Cinema du Parc these days, though it helps. Check out The Hat Goes Wild, an indie film written and directed by Guy Sprung. Launched at the Rendez-vous de cinéma Québécois earlier this year, Sprung’s first feature-length movie opened last weekend and has been held over this Saturday and Sunday, 5 p.m.  Such is the fate of Anglo DIY art these days – a credible achievement offered to the public with virtually no promotional budget.

Unless you know Sprung (as I do) and are on the Infinitheatre mailing list (he’s AD), or you didn’t catch our review, you may well have missed it the first time round. He’s hoping the Toronto Film Festival will pick it up, in which case the half-million dollar effort may enjoy a life beyond the friends’ circle available in this town.

Ah, Montreal. Great place to live but you wouldn’t want to work here.

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