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Putting kids to work since 1994


When I was a kid, having a parent from an unpronounceable country – in those days that just meant it was made up of letters not in the word order C-A-N-A-D-A – was like a sin worse than bad hair or fake runners. Yes. Unpardonable. Certainly, no one ever asked me to make a 2 to 3 minute short video about “my Quebec roots” and then, just to make it all surreal and completely unbelievable, offered me an iPad for my efforts.

So when I happen to hear from Nikki Johnston of the Quebec Community Groups Network that their CBC co-sponsored contest is not getting the deluge of submissions they expected, I say to her: Not to worry, Rover is on it!

Kids, get off yer distracted butts and get to work. Where ever you come from, where ever you want to go, what ever you have to say, and how ever you want to say it – it’s all there to express and explore, pluck and plunder. There are no limits or rules. Point a camera at your face and tell rest of us who you are. What does it mean to be an English speaking Quebecer? What does it mean to have parents from wherever they are from? What is Quebec to you? How much do you want a free iPad?

Look at this video. How hard can it be? Get to work, country and city bumpkins. The Rover needs new distractions – uh, wants to see your masterpieces. Heck, we’ll run the top 3 as well.

Enter the contest here.


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