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What the Puck!

If you’re looking for a Canadian family comedy in time for the hockey – sorry we mean holiday – season, it seems that Centaur Theatre’s Brave New Looks Selection may have the perfect play. Four Minutes if you Bleed is a play written by Alexandria Haber and Ned Cox that has been in development since 2008. With part of it premiering at Zoofest and then a Christmas sequel at the NDG Food Bank, Ned and Alexandria have cobbled together a full-length play to suit your holiday needs. Not only have the pair co-written the show but Ned acted as director and you can catch Alexandria in the role of Beth. We sat down with the pair (separately) to find out how dynamic this duo really is:

What’s Four Minutes if you Bleed about in one sentence or less?

Ned: About missteps, misunderstandings, remorse and redemption… on ice! (Just kidding about the ice part… but they do skate onstage!)

Alex: Hockey, weddings, and the true meaning of Christmas.

What was it like co-writing the show?

Alex: Awesome! We laugh a lot and we manage to work out any issues quite easily. Ned is a lot nicer than I am though so sometimes I feel like a bit of a control freak.

Ned: Just a delight. Alex is hilarious and I’m funny-looking so we sit in a room and laugh at each other. No, in fact we DO make each other laugh, in that, if one of us can’t think of a gag, the other of us usually can.

How did you meet each other?

Ned: Alex and I met on a cruise around Lake Como, in Italy. She dropped her sunglasses overboard and I dove in and retrieved them. We decided to build a space shuttle together, but couldn’t find a way to balance the mass ratio against the exhaust velocity. The rest is history.

Alex: At Playwrights Workshop in a Playwriting Unit.

What was Alex like as an actor?

Ned: I LOVE working with Alex as an actor. I’ve watched her in two of my plays so far (apart from the earlier version of Four Minutes) – Hellevator and Book Club. She has fantastic comic timing and a really warm, genuine quality in the more thoughtful, dramatic moments. And I can absolutely rely on her to get it right!

What was Ned like as a director?

Ned has been great! He is very sensitive to actors, very unobtrusive and supportive of your choices. He also offers great suggestions when you are feeling lost.

In your advertisements for the show there’s you state “WARNING: Abundant bad hockey language!” – what does that exactly mean?

Alex: Lots of hockey swearing.

Ned: Lots of words starting with “Puck.”

Why should audiences come see the show?

Alex: Because it’s very funny, very honest and very entertaining.

Ned: I don’t think they should come. Not unless they want to laugh themselves silly, maybe try to hide the odd tear, and walk out with a song in their hearts.

Four Minutes if You Bleed runs from November 24th to December 3rd at Centaur Theatre. Tickets are $22 regular admission, $18 for students and seniors. To purchase tickets online go to or call to reserve at 514-288-3161.

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